Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Feeding Egg Yolk for Infants | How to introduce eggs for babies

Please read the instructions under Baby foods for more information on feeding Non-veg for infants.

The recipe posted here is received from the advice as per my pediatrician. This method I started for my son from his 9th Month onwards. As you all know egg white is rich in"Protein" and Yellow or Yolk is rich in "Fat".  The infants below 1 year needs only the fat and not the Proteins as they easily tend to get allergic for Protein. But at this stage they require adequate amount of Fat for the better development of brain, as the brain constitutes major of fatty compounds. After 1 year or when they asre capable of chewing properly,cook eggs in the form of burji and feed. 

Here I do have a step by step procedure to know how to introduce egg yolk for Infants.

Ingredients :

Egg -1
Oil - 3-4 drops


 1. Spread the little oil around the center of the tawa.
 2. Break and put the eggs slowly such that the yolk part remains full. Reduce the flame to simmer and let it cook.
 3. Wait until you get bubbles over the white part,meaning that the yolk to ready to be removed.
4. Now use a spoon and slowly mark around the yolk and take out slowly.
 5. Transfer this egg yolk to the cooked and smashed rice.

6. Smash well the rice and egg yolk together with a spoon and is now ready to feed the baby.

Egg Rice for Babies

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