Friday, March 7, 2014

Bulls eye eggs | How to make a perfect bulls eye eggs

When eggs are half fried/cooked on one side when making omelet, it called as bulls eye eggs. Some people love to have one side raw cooked and some love taking it as half cooked retaining the yellow and white colors as such. The omelets of bulls eye do not require whisking so that the yellow remains full.But when we try to flip other side the yellow would rupture and this would no more can be called as bulls eye....

Ingredients :

Egg -1
Pepper powder -1/4 tsp
Salt a pinch

Tadka pan

Method :

1. It is always a good choice to use non stick pan to make a perfect round shape bulls eye.

2. Heat the tawa,add 2 drops of oil and spread around. Break the shell and drop the egg slowly into the tawa.

3.  Simmer the stove and after 2 minutes just flip the egg carefully with a flat spatula.

4. Serve with pepper powder and salt sprinkled on top.

Bulls eye egg

 If you are using a iron flat tawa the half boil would be flat. I got this tadka pan mainly to make bulls eye,because my hubby likes them the most.

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