Monday, March 3, 2014

Sardines pepper fry | how to fry Matthi or Chaala meen

Sardines are called as Matthi in tamil and chaala meen in malayalam.As an usual concept, fishes are generally rich source of Omega -3 fatty acid. In that specifically sardines are one among the most richest source.Sardines particularly have a strong smell when compared to other varieties.They contain the healthy unsaturated fat which lowers the cholesterol and reduce risk of heart diseases. This recipe I learnt from one of my colleague from Kerala. Its very simple to prepare and of course, fish lovers enjoy the most. But some doesn't like this fish because of its strong flavor.


Sardines (small variety) - 6
Pepper powder -3 tsp
Salt -1 tsp
Oil to fry

Method :

  1. Wash and clean the fish without any clots or black wastes.
  2. Make a cut in the both sides of the fish (3 cuts maximum) 
  3. To this add pepper powder, salt and mix well.
  4. After 10 minute's heat oil in kadai/iron tawa and fry these sardines in medium flame.
  5. Serve crispy and this fried sardibes can be kept even for the next day.

Pepper fried Sardines


  • Washing of sardines require more concentration in cleaning. So take care to clean well.
  • Do not make more slits/cuts as the fish may get burnt while frying.

  • Also do not fry without making cut as the fish becomes soggy
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