Monday, March 17, 2014

Chicken Chinthamani | Erode chinthamani chicken

I tasted this recipe chicken chinthamani in a feast served for wedding couple. This recipe is a traditional recipe of erode and is also called as Erode chicken chinthamani.I was waiting to try this recipe from so long time but I couldn't. Because,our usual menu of non veg has a curry,gravy or in fried form. Chicken chinthamani is an intermediate so waited to try out and find where it suits better. Finally tried this yummy,spicy,chilli fried chicken......

Ingredients :

Chicken -1/2 kg
Dry red chilli -20
Sliced Shallots -1 cup
Turmeric powder -1/4 tsp
Oil -1/2 cup
Salt as required

Method :

 1. Wash and clean the chicken. Drain the water completely.
 2. Heat oil in a thick kadai/pan,fry the shallots and dry red chillies for about 5 minutes.
 3. Add the cleaned chicken,turmeric powder,salt and fry in low flame. Keep sauting in between until the chillies blended with chicken.
4. Cover and cook until soft. Transfer to a serving bowl and serve hot with rice.

Chicken Chinthamani

Note :

  • Do not add water as this recipe has to get cooked in oil. But I sprinkled a little water to cook soft.
  • Adding grated coconut at the end is optional.
  • Cover and cook in medium/low flame with stirring in between.
  • I used byadgi chilli variety,which gives the color. You can add 2 varieties of dry chilli (which gives spice and other for color)
  • This goes well when mixed with hot rice.


  1. After reading the recipe & viewing the images, my Mouth started watering. Going to try out this awesome recipe


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