Saturday, March 8, 2014

chicken clear soup for infants | Baby soup recipes

As per the advice of my pediatrician, I started introducing chicken,mutton and fish to my son in his 9th month onwards. The baby care differs with each pediatrician, so consult with your pediatrician once before you can introduce any new heavy food stuffs. If  they are advisable to introduce here is a recipe you can go with.Very simple,plain and tasty too....

Also refer baby care space for more vegetarian infant recipes.

When introducing for the first time just boil the chicken with turmeric powder, curry leaves and feed the soup. Then gradually increase the below ingredients.

Ingredients :

Chicken bones -4 pieces
Tomato -1/4 piece
Shallot -2
Garlic -2
Curry leaves -few
Tumeric powder -a pinch
Pepper -3
Jeera -2 pinches
Salt required a pinch for infants above 1 year

Method :

  1. When you buy chicken wash them clean and collect the bone pieces.
 2. Add all the above ingredients with 2 glass of water and boil.
 3. Close the lid and cook for about 15 minutes in medium flame.

4. Now filter out the soup and few very fine chicken pieces.

5. This can be mixed with idlis,smashed rice and feed the baby. Avoid the chicken pieces when feeding the babies below 15 months,as they do not know to chew properly.

Chicken clear soup

Note :

  • Avoid the pepper and garlic when introducing the soup initially.
  • Gradually start adding each ingredient one by one.

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