Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chicken Tandoori | Tandoori on Tawa | Leg Tandoori | Simple Tandoori recipe


Chicken legs - 8-9
Tandoori Masala - 4 tsp
Fresh curd - 5 tbsp
Lemon - 1/2
Red chilly powder -1 tsp (optional)
Garlic -2 full
Ginger - 1 finger size
Corn flour -1 tsp (optional)
Salt as required
Butter to roast


 1. Clean the leg pieces and make two slanting slits on sides (as shown)
 2. Marinate with lemon juice and salt for about 15 - 20 minutes.
3. Make a paste of ginger garlic with tandoori masala and add in the curd, corn flour and mix well.
 4. Marinate the leg pieces with the masala and leave for 2 hours, else refrigerate for 1 hour.
5. Heat the tawa and add a tsp of butter and roast well the pieces in low flame. Keep flipping the other sides to get cooked evenly.
 6. It takes about 20 minutes for a single piece to get fried.

 7. Serve with onion rings or any salad of your choice.

Chicken Tandoori

  •  You can either use Flat bottom thick kadai/pan or else use the curved iron tawa. I tried on both and it came out similar.
  • Because it takes about 20 minutes for a single piece to cook I tried out to fry using both burners.
  • Felt that either of this wont give out perfect, but both pieces gave a similar touch of cooking. 

Tandoori on Iron Tawa

  •  Adding Red chili powder is purely optional as I needed for bit spicier taste. 
  • Rub well the paste all over and deep inside the slits  and then leave for marination.
  • I do not have a grill pan so felt to try out on tawa or kadai....which turned out really awesome with the tangy lemon taste from the roasted slits.
  • "Keep covered" to avoid oil bursts and sprays on you.
  • Remove the burnt masalas leaving in oil if any.

One of iron tawa & other is thick kadai


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