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Chicken Biryani (Method 2) | Muslim style Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani

This recipe is a copy browsed in internet when I wanted to try out biryani in muslim style. Though actual recipe may vary, this try was a better choice giving a fine flavor and aroma for the of rice cooked along with chicken pieces. Am sure this recipe doesn't spoil your expectation on taste, so have a try and share your feedback.


Chicken - 500 gms
Curd - 1 tbsp
Salt - 2 tbsp
Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
Cashews - 6-7
Whole spices (bayleaf, shahi jeera, cardamom, cinnamon) - 1 tsp
Tomato - 1/2
Rice - 1.5 cup
Water - 2.5 cups

To grind as powder :
Peppercorns - 1 tsp
Fennel seeds - 1 tsp
Star anise - - 1inch size
clove - 1 or 2
Cinnamon - 1 inch size
Cardamom - 1

To grind as paste : 
Coriander leaves - few
Mint leaves - few
Ginger - 2 inches
Garlic - 4 pods
Onion - 1

Method :

 1. Add pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, Fennel seeds, star anise, clove and cinnamon into a dry jar.

2. Grind all ingredients into a fine powder.

3. In the same blender add onion. ginger, garlic, coriander leaves.

 4. Grind into a smooth paste without adding water.
 5. Heat oil in pressure pan, add bay leaf,cardamom, shahi jeera,cinnamon.
6. Once it splutters add broken cashews and fry until golden brown.

7. Meanwhile marinate the cleaned chicken with salt and turmeric powder and set aside.

 8. Add the grinded paste, saute for a while.

9. Add the chopped tomatoes.
10. Let it cook mushy.

 11. Add the marinated chicken pieces.
 12. Cover with lid and cook for about 10 minutes until soft.
13. Add ground masala powder, a tbsp of curd.

 14. Add water and salt.
 15. Once water starts boiling add the rice.

 16. Pressure cook for just one whistle

17. Transfer into a serving bowl.

Note :
  • You can also use normal boiled or raw rice also to prepare this recipe.
  • Adjust water according to the variety of rice.
  • Adding freshly grounded masala gives a better flavor for the recipe.
  • Take care to add only a very fine piece of nutmeg for fine aroma else it becomes too strong and changes the taste completely.

Chicken Biryani

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